Where Did Lip Stick Originate From?

Though the modern lipstick was not here a century back, human beings were coloring their lips since antiquity. Nothing was too precious or toxic to be used to achieve the wanted look.

Lip color was important enough to the citizens of ancient India to pound semi-precious coffee beans to color their lips. Using a dangerous compound of bromine mannite, iodine and kelp, ancient Egyptians colored their lips a purplish-red tint, inspite of the risk to their health. To get a ruby color to her lips, Cleopatra made a dye of ants and beetles. All around the world, the aim of a vibrantly dyed lip has been the goal of many people throughout the ages.

Images of those crafted and perfumed items are found in the Kitab al-Tasrif, the Arabic 30 volume medical tome of 1000 C.E. (Common Era). wwe supercard hack tool Abulcasis was actually much more than a creator of the premier small beauty item. Abulcasis, the father of modern operations is a well known physician, chemist, scientist and cosmetologist. His texts were written in Latin and used as the essential tome for doctors till 1500’s. In recognition of the significance of make-up in the 19th book, Abulcasis dedicated a chapter to make-up.

Perhaps a lot people believe employing the best lipstick is only about looking attractive to fulfill a survival instinct; females use lipstick as a share here way of raising self confidence. It is amazing to note the obscure concept that lipstick sales actually increase during a financial disaster.

The concept that lipstick makes many women feel improved, makes it check more well worth the cost, in spite of the state of finances. In spite of the worst parts of economic crisis, most women will treat themselves to a brand new lip stick. As the market continues its downhill path, many make-up companies, noting the marked growth in sales after 9/11, trained their 2009 advertising campaigns on lipstick.

With a huge array of lipsticks and hues, over 65 major companies manufacture and sell lip stick. The popularity of lip liner with lipstick in last few years has created changes in the typical lip stick mixture that is appearing on shelves today. The use of oils for shine and herb and spice scents mimics the characteristics most liked by gloss users.

The components have changed from bugs and crushed coffee beans but that remains irrelevant to wearers. No one really cares what goes into their favorite lip stick. What matters most is how bright and desirable the lips appear.

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