Carboneras – City Information & Guide


The town, Carboneras鐖剆 in the province Almeria in Andalusia, Spain and is a municipality. Its population is about 7300.

It is located near the mouth of the river Albas that is in the south of Cabrera Sierra. This town is situated along the Almerian coast and is very beautiful. The mountains surrounding this town have no trees at present; however in the ancient times they were full of large leafy trees. Some people constructed ovens in this place to process coal and became economically prosperous; they made use of these trees for feeding their ovens. This town became an active port for fishing after they ran out of coal.


Felipe II, in 1559, gave the coast of Carboneras to the Marquis of Carpio.

A number of coal covet fashion cheats tool and wooden ovens were built near the coast and these were sold in the peninsula. Since this town was in an isolated location, Moors took advantage of it to connect with Africa when there was an uprising in 1568. This became an important port during this period.


The maximum and minimum average temperatures in this city are throne rush cheats tool 30鐧?in July-August and 10 鐧?in January.

Art and Culture

The following monuments are popular in this town:

Tower of the Thunderbolt or lightning tower ?was built in the year 1584 and is at present in ruins. This is a cultural monument.

Torre de Mesa Rold閱??was built in the year 1776.

Parish Church de San Antonio de Padua ?is the patron saint of Carboneras.

Labyrinth House ?was designed in 1964 by Andre Bloc.

Town hall ?has been built from the 19th Century Mansion House.

Plaza del Castillo ?is a castle square.

San Andr闁?Castle ?was built in the 16th century.


Fresh fish and seafood are mainly used in the restaurants and local bars. The most popular dish ?galanes ?is made from white fleshed fish and has a good flavor.

Sports and Entertainment

The beauty of Carboneras lies in its sandy beaches. Some of them are listed below:

Las Martinicas Beach ?is a wide and beautiful beach located near the port.

Los Barquicos Beach ?is an urban beach and is ideal for your stay and taking bath.

El Lancon Beach ?is a large urban beach having good facilities.

La Galera Beach ?is nearer to the town but has limited service facilities and parking.

El Algarrobico Beach game of war fire age cheats hack ?is a virgin beach with good environment and is ideal for shooting movies.


There is a market held on every Thursday in the town centre and you can buy items such as fresh fish, handicrafts and ceramics.


The economy of this town is dependent on cement, energy and tourism.

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